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ProfessorBroman, One of The Division's Top Players, Gives His Best Tips

After three years of crazy hype, Ubisoft’s finally released its highly anticipated open-world shooter onto next-gen consoles. The Division isn’t just breaking sales records, but also setting the standard for action games with its authentic cover-based third-person combat system, RPG-like integration, and surrealistic presentation of an apocalyptic New York City.

Yet like most multiplayer titles, The Division has proven to be challenging for even the most seasoned gamers.

So to guide your aim, we linked up with one of game’s most popular players, ProfessorBroman, who shares his expert tips and tricks on how to dominate the battlefield. Just a little something to warm you up before scoring exclusive access to the game’s first two expansion packs—Underground and Survival—this summer on Xbox Live. Time to load out!

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