This ProShot Case Is Like A GoPro For Your iPhone

For the daring individual looking for to film the next adventure without the hassle, ProShot turns your iPhone into a GoPro competitor.

The shock-resistant case and its interchangeable lenses enhance your phone’s HD camera and can be mounted practically anywhere, allowing you to shoot while on the go from one central device. The accessories include a fisheye, wide angle and flat lens, as well as an underwater red filter that let you shoot like a professional in any environment. ProShot also comes with two waterproof case options for the iPhone 6/6S, including a “Deep Dive” case that lets you take photos or video from a depth of up to 90 feet.

While its specs mostly match the GoPro, ProShot boasts the battery life, display and storage advantages that innately come with the iPhone. For added battery, you can also buy its solar charger, a portable, waterproof accessory that holds at least two full iPhone charges.

Best of all, ProShot retails for a small fraction of GoPro’s price, available for $99.

Fully backed on Kickstarter, ProShot is slated for shipping in January 2016.

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