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Ripped Jeans and Band Tees: Punk Fashion In Rap

Musically and culturally, punk and hip-hop continue to be the soundtrack for people frustrated with America’s corruption and hypocrisy.

Until recently, the two have had a distinctly separate aesthetic. Remember when rappers used to clown each other for wearing skinny jeans? Or when songs about adidas and Nike Air Force Ones took a backseat to a song dedicated to Vans? Now punk fashion has arguably become a part of contemporary rap style, with some of its biggest trends being utilized by rappers from across the country. Younger rappers tend to gravitate towards the trends that the older rappers are hesitant to touch because of their emasculating effects (looking at you, skinny jeans and kilts). But overall, rappers both old and new have picked up clothing items that continue to be staples in punk fashion. So, which punk trends are the most common in rap style today? Read on and find out.

Image via @riccardotisci17 on Instagram

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