Qualcomm Chargers Will Be Able to Charge Your Phone From Afar

Until now, wireless charging technologies weren’t compatible with metal-cased phones, since they typically use an induction charger that would heat up your device.

As an alternative, Qualcomm is offering its own wireless charging technology—one that opts for magnetic resonance, which will juice up your mobile without making it hot. It takes the form of a small charging pad, and as long as a device is within range, it’ll get power. It’s the first time a charging technology can operate at a frequency able to handle metal objects without affecting the speed or quality of the charge.

Since the technology requires phone companies to update the capabilities of their current devices, it’s not yet available on a commercial level. Though, Qualcomm’s solution still stands as a hopeful breakthrough for the future of cell phone rebooting, especially as more and more smartphones are being built with metal bodies.

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