Squashing Beef 101

At Fool’s Gold Day Off in Brooklyn last weekend, Meek addressed an audience member holding a Drake sign. Not only did the rapper request for the removal of the sign from his sightline, but he also asked an entourage member, who apparently has a criminal history, to approach the heckler.

The beef is done, gentlemen. Let it die.

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate a good hip-hop feud every once in a while. It keeps things interesting, and it speaks to the competitive nature from which hip-hop was founded. Plus, we can’t blame someone for wanting to wring every last drop of profitability that comes from widespread public attention.

But it’s time Drake and Meek kiss and make up. Despite where you stand in the debate, we can all agree that a world with no more “R.I.C.O.”s doesn’t sound fun to live in.

If you, too, are in the midst of a feud that’s dividing you and your homies, you can learn something from Meek and Drake. Don’t let your quarrel spiral out of control, and don’t be that guy who holds a grudge when everyone else has given it up. Confrontational rappers of the world, welcome to your first Green Label therapy session.

Take the L

Instead of pointing (Twitter) fingers, the first step in squashing a beef is accepting responsibility for your actions. Especially if you’re in a tussle with a day-one, sometimes you just have to tuck your ego and apologize.

The Public Display of Amended Squadliness

Once all the dust has settled, the world needs to know. Get a picture next time you’re together, then throw it up on all your social media pages with a sentimental tag line. It’s an essential step—if the squad doesn’t know you guys are cool again, they’re still going to invite you to separate parties.

Saltiness is Your Worst Look

Resurrecting a beef is corny and a poor portrayal of character. Whilst squashing, make sure “It’ll never happen again” is a component of your apology. Then keep the promise. Virtue is the wave.

Dispose of the Evidence

Remove all diss tracks from Soundcloud, even if they’re a tempting source of income. Same for subtweets from your timeline.

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