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#1 Kendrick Lamar

Change From Last Month: + 3 spots
Total Points This Year: 80
Overall Rank This Year: #2

Don’t call it a comeback. For the last few months Kendrick has slowly but surely fallen behind Drake for the number one spot in the Rankings, but this month he came back strong while Drizzy fell back. First, rumors circulated that Kendrick would retire from performing his TPAB album soon because “We did that album for people who can’t even afford to go to shows,” further driving home the point that Kendrick and TPAB were simply on another level. And then, at the end of the month, K. Dot teamed up with J. Coe for a Black Friday release where he rapped circles around the game. Watch out Drake, Kendrick might just grab the year’s Most Powerful crown after all.

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