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#9 Meek Mill

Change From Last Month: Not ranked last month.
Total Points This Year: 12
Overall Rank This Year: #10

A lot of people were quick to bury Meek Mill’s career after Drake inarguably beat him during their “beef,” but someone forgot to tell Meek that he should stop rapping. This month, he dropped his new video to “Lord Knows” and it turns out that when people just focus on his music, they really like that music. The nearly two million people who have watched “Lord Knows” are certainly still interested in what Meek has to say, and so maybe Drake didn’t do as much damage as we assumed. Lord only knows how big he could have been this year without that beef, but right here, right now, Meek’s career is far from over. In some ways, it feels like it’s just getting started.

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