Share Your Freestyles with “Rapp,” The App For Raps

Like any craft, the best way to get better at rapping is by getting feedback—and more than just the love and daps you get from the squad after a crazy freestyle.

That’s why 25-year-old entrepreneurs Thomas Palumbo and Jake Seymour are developing Rapp, a community-driven mobile app for rappers looking to get critiques from ears outside their immediate circles.

“There’s not a lack of platforms for artists who want to be discovered,” Palumbo told Green Label, “but I don’t think there are many platforms that have a strong community vibe, where artists are making music in the same app, then looking for and giving feedback to each other.”

Rapp allows the user to record freestyles on their phones, share them with their networks, listen to others’ rhymes, and potentially find inspiration to better their own music.

“The idea was to create something where people who are interested in hip-hop could share their music with like-minded people and get feedback,” Palumbo said. “I think it could be interesting to see how it changes the way people make their music. They’re getting feedback and responding to it, which makes the process more collaborative than just posting their music, which oftentimes gets lost.”

While right now Rapp is just a concept, Palumbo, who has developed apps in the past, has been seeing positive feedback on forums and blogs and hope to roll out a tangible product in the near future.

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