A-F-R-O Headed to the Studio With DJ Premier

A-F-R-O got major attention last year after R.A. the Rugged Man featured him in a freestyle video, dubbing him "one of the best young rappers in the game." Viewers were skeptical about the video, saying his rhymes were too good to be made up on the spot. They were certain he had been given time to prep.

Not to be defeated, they came back with another video. This time A-F-R-O freestyled about random items as R.A. handed them to him in real time. The video rebuttal silenced the haters and earned the up-and-comer credibility in the rap community.

Now he just got a whole lot more: A-F-R-O just announced that he was headed to NYC to record with none other than DJ Premier (whose studio, FYI, will be closing to make way for condos).

Check out his SoundCloud here and watch the freestyle video that made him famous here.


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