This Rearview Bike Radar Could Make Your Ride Safer

With an estimated 726 roadside cyclists killed each year by motor vehicles, safety is a huge concern for riders. Outdoor and fitness tech company Garmin Ltd recently unveiled its new line of smart gadgets for bikes, aiming to create less worrisome riding conditions.

Included in the lineup is the Varia Rearview Bike Radar, which attaches to a bike’s handlebars and warns riders of approaching vehicles that are up to 153 yards in front of or behind them. The system comes equipped with a radar tail light transmitter, which notifies the rider when a car is nearing and flashes to warn oncoming drivers that there’s a cyclist ahead. The technology can display up to eight nearby vehicles.

It can also be connected with their Edge GPS device, allowing for greater range and enhanced detectability. When connected with the GPS, the Varia smart headlights and tail lights become compatible: as speed increases, their beams stretch further down the road to project light where it’s needed most. As you slow down, the beam focuses come closer to you.

The complete rearview bike radar system retails for $200 and can be purchased through Garmin’s website.

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