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Revenge of the Nerds: Our Favorite Fictional Geeks of All Time

It wasn’t always cool to be the brainy one in the bunch. Way before LeBron James and Russell Westbrook geeked out their wardrobes during post-game press conferences, thick frames and suspenders were exclusive to lab rats and boy geniuses. Actually, some of our favorite TV shows and movies, both past and present, have showed just how nerdy things can get.

From the glory days of Family Matters and Saved By The Bell to more recent primetime hits like The Office and The Big Bang Theory, the nerds were always the ones proving just how much smarter they were compared to everyone else. Since most of us will probably never top their perfect IQ scores, let’s just settle on honoring the brainiac in the room for once. They could use a break from constant swirlies and wedgies anyway.

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