Rocksmith NYC Heads to Chicago for Their 10-Year Anniversary “Sport & Street” Collection

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, New York streetwear staple Rocksmith has a new collection, featuring a new lookbook, shot in the cultural melting pot that is Chicago.

In recent years Chicago has returned to the forefront of culture; with the emergence of numerous noteworthy emcees like Chance the Rapper, Lupe Fiasco, Chief Keef, amongst many others, a resurgence in the city’s sports profile with the recent success of both the Blackhawks and Bulls teams, and the ongoing cultural dominance of it’s favorite son, Kanye West.

Rocksmith chose two of Chicago’s most prominent visual and recording artists to handle their lookbook, with Trashhand taking the flicks and emcee Lil Herb putting on the modeling cap.

The two have teamed up with Rocksmith, to present the new “Sport & Street” collection, incorporating a number of Japanese-influenced motifs, along with a number of pieces that combine technical mixed-fabrics. These include the “Tsuru Bandana” jogging set, a jersey set featuring Rocksmith written in Japanese katakana, and a “Shinobi” capsule.

Other standout pieces from the new collection include the pinch-stitched quilted
terry long- or short-sleeved sweats, and a 3M dollar sign set. In addition, the folks at Rocksmith have included a number of other pieces that tap into their signature aesthetic of combining lifestyle, athletic, and musical elements within their designs.

An additional nod to the city of Chicago can be seen in the colorways presented, reminiscent of the red, black, and white found in the uniforms of the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls respectively.

The new collection will be made available at Rocksmith stockists and, beginning next week.

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