RSVP Gallery Distressed Capsule Collection

Kanye's effect on the various pillars of pop-culture is evident, even if you try to avoid recognizing the six degrees of separation when it comes to the hip-hop luminary. He's had a major impact on rap, sneakers, and more, but he reigns as a bastion of contemporary men's style.

As a result of his latest foray into the world of fashion, we've already begun to see the "Yeezy Effect" permeating through the sartorial landscape. Chicago's RSVP Gallery has debuted a "unique and made-to-order" distressed collection. The capsule includes a black on black tee and hoodie combo, featuring the RSVP Gallery logo printed on the chest of each respective piece. Each garment receives a washed finish and custom distressing details when you place your order.

The Yeezy Season collections may have some gut-wrenching prices compared to the more affordable and currently available selection from RSVP Gallery.

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