Santa Cruz Skateboards and Marvel Comics Recreate the “Screaming Hand”

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Jim Philips' iconic "Screaming Hand," Santa Cruz Skateboards and Marvel Comics have come together to create these classic skate decks featuring the Screaming Hand reimagined as some of Marvel Comic's biggest superheroes (and villains) like Spider Man, Wolverine, and Venom.

Designed back in 1985, the Screaming Hand is one of the most recognized logos in skate history. The hand is detached at the wrist, blue and bloody, with a screaming mouth in the palm.

As of now, there's no release date for this collection. However, it does look like Santa Cruz Skateboards and Marvel have released some "Screaming Hand" T-shirts already, and Cruzers should be coming soon too. Stay tuned for more details.

Images: Santa Cruz Skateboards

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