SBTG Talks to Green Label About His Palladium Collab

Every week, a guy comes around to take a picture of the best sneakers in the Complex office, and every week I'm passed over. Not because I'm wearing Skechers Shape-Ups (haha, OMG I would be fired), but because ever since I discovered Palladiums, they're really all I wear. I mean, call me boring, but I challenge you to find a more versatile, comfortable, or lifestyle-friendly brand (and I'm not even getting paid for this. Palladium: get at me).

Thus it's over to me, I guess, to announce Palladium's latest drop with Singaporean artist SBTG aka Mark Ong. SBTG is better known in the sneaker community (Palladium's strategy to convert more sneakerheads? Maaaybe), hustling his way into the hearts of big brands with incredibly neat and detailed customs for sneakerheads who were already willing to pay him handsomely for his work.

The Palladium x SBTG collab has been applied to the most classic Palladium silhos: the Pampa Hi and Baggys, both in canvas which Palladium have done a bunch before, but this time with screen-printed "leaf camouflage" pattern that's one of SBTG's signature motifs.

I hit SBTG up with a few questions about the collab. This is your Green Label Palladium correspondent, signing off.

What was the brief/what did you guys talk about doing before you started?
It happened in 2013, so it was a while back when Hommy [Diaz] and I linked up, on Facebook. He asked if I was open to do a project with Palladium. Of course I agreed in a heartbeat as we resonated with military aesthetics and how the company evolved. There wasn't much of a brief except to reinterpret the Palladium boot with a SBTG style.

When you first sat down with this assignment, what did you draw?
It is usually a habit for us to go for something complicated and end up with something simple. So whenever we are given a project , we would explore possibilities to its extremes and subtract from there making sure we launch something with no regrets.

What are some of the ideas you scrapped?
Initially, we explored a design that’s heavy on MA-1 elements, and also a camo version with multiple colors.

We found out that Palladium was already with Alpha Industries so we left that alone and decided to go with our signature camouflage route.

When did you know you had found the design you wanted to execute?
We often ask ourselves which is the design that we would wear all the time, so we ended up being very sure on the released version.

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