Watch Sean Malto Push Himself Back to Health in This New Documentary

For all pro athletes, your physical shape is your greatest asset, and when injury prohibits you from doing your job as successfully as you could, it’s a major blow.

In MALTO, a documentary entirely shot on an iPhone (shout-out Ty Evans for his ever-impressive directorial skills), Mountain Dew skater Sean Malto takes us through his longwinded and emotional journey back from being sidelined by a major injury.

He painfully revisits what it took to overcome challenges, recruiting the help of his family, friends, physical trainers, and fellow pro skaters to regain confidence and strength. There was a great amount of pressure during his recovery as he often reminded himself of things like, “Thousands of people in an area expecting you to skate at your best ability at the point of a finger, at the sound of a buzzer. Create greatness now. And that is scary.” Malto needed to not only reclaim his top positions in competition rankings, but he also struggled with returning to his normal self, both physically and mentally.

Thankfully, Sean Malto is back on his board and we’re looking forward to seeing him continue his rise and legacy.


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