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7. A$AP Ferg and Marty Baller, Steez Day 2015

One of my favorite events of this entire summer was Steez Day 2015, at NYC Summerstage in Central Park. It was put together to honor Capital Steez, and it could not have been a better way to celebrate his life. The amount of energy throughout that day was incredible, and so many artists that were not even on the bill decided to come out and support. I was not sure if this had been planned beforehand or not, but A$AP Ferg came out to perform “Shabba” and “Work" as a special guest. Right before he went onstage, I went over to say what's up. A lot of the artists really appreciate it when I travel up to NYC for shows since they know I am located in Philly. Then I grabbed this shot and talked to Marty for a minute about how this new camera I got had wifi so I could immediately send him the photo and post it myself. What ended up happening was both him and Ferg posted it within a matter of minutes and thanked me. Since then we have continued a good relationship and I have been able to shoot with him whenever he comes through Philly.

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