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8. Chuck Inglish, Post Malone, and Kevin Pollari at The Ilmmore

Attending the Illmore, which used to be a wild mansion party thrown by Illroots, used to be a dream of mine and then this spring when I was invited to go down to SXSW I figured I had to figure out a way to get in there. Good luck came my way and a good friend of mine, named Chloe, had an extra photo pass for me, so I was able to experience all three nights of this event.

What’s great about this event is that all the artists and creatives that were invited to attend the event didn’t chill in some small green room backstage, but were just walking around like normal people. This is how I got this shot of a lifetime catching Post Malone, who I had been linking with throughout the festival, along with Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids, a group I grew up on, and another new friend, Kevin Pollari, a hip-hop artist out of Atlanta. All three of these guys loved the shot—I ended up doing another one I believe and giving it to Post or Chuck so that they could also have a copy.

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