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6. Lil Uzi Vert and Spike Jordan Polaroid

I’ve been working with Uzi for almost three years or so. I remember him and my man DJ Kees in the studio in Manyunk for hours working. He has always been wild, so watching him evolve into the artist he is now has been great. I think a lot of that is also thanks to Spike and others that he keeps around him that keep encouraging him to push the envelope. Spike has inspired me for years as well. The videos he has done for artists across the board, from Meek Mill to Lil Uzi himself, have been flawless. I’ve had some great conversations with him and he has always told me to continue working and that he supports my work. Ever since Uzi got back from tour with Wiz and Fall Out Boy I haven’t seen him and Spike apart, ha ha, but in my mind that just means they're working like crazy. This Polaroid to me just marks a time right before Uzi blows up with "Luv is Rage" dropping on Halloween 2015.

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