Skate Mental Looks Out for Filmers With New Cruiser Deck

When it comes to skateboarding most of the glory goes to the folks that throw care to the wind by defying physics, hurling themselves over gaps, down flights of stairs, and sacrificing their bodies for the love of the great American pastime. What about the guys on the other side of the lens, that let us into this world? The Skate Mental team recognize their sacrifice as well and is honoring them with a new cruiser deck.

The new “VX Cruiser” is part of the batch of goods highlighted in their recently released Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog(we even peeped the upcoming GLX Trevor Colden collection in there as well). Since cruisers are the board of choice for filmers this is pretty much a match made in heaven.

The new board features a graphic that pays homage to the often used Sony DCR-VX1000. Did we mention there’s also a built-in handle like the one on the VX1000?

Maybe your homie that holds you down with footage could use a gift after you’ve cracked a few of his lenses trying to nail that treflip to crooked nose-grind.

Check out your local shop to find out when you can grab one of these new boards from Skate Mental.

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