Skateboarders in Canada need to cut down their own wood to build ramps

Chris Haslam has looked like a grizzled lumberjack for as long as most skaters can remember (unless, of course, you can think back to the Deca days), so throwing him into the middle of a forest in Vancouver Island to skate a miniramp built mostly out of local wood makes perfect sense. Sitka made this 10-plus minute video called Into the Thicket that features Haslam and a couple other guys skating an extremely fun looking ramp. Of course, for Haslam, fun means blunt tre flips or frontside feeblegrinds to kickflip fakie out. So does this mean Sitka is turning into the next Volcom and Haslam is the next Geoff Rowley?

Watch the trailer for Into the Thicket above and check out the full video here.


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