Skullcandy Grinds Are Premium Headphones at a Realistic Price


Headphones are probably the most overlooked part of your outfit. And they are part of the 'fit, don't get it twisted. For the most part, people are willing to just rock the basic Apple joints, and some cats even get those off-brand headphones they sell at the bodega. That's real struggle life, people. I get it though, premium headphones are way too expensive. I'm barely willing to spend $9.99 for one of my favorite rappers' album and headphone companies want me to drop $300? The headphone game is truly jacked up right now.

Thankfully, Skullcandy is willing to drop a classic pair of headphones for a reasonable price. Skullcandy's Grind headphones have everything you need for only $59.99: smooth and powerful bass, plush foam ear pillows, and tap technology that allows you to skip songs and answer phone calls. Imagine you're walking to class, bumping the new Kendrick Lamar album. You see that boy or girl you've been crushing on, and don't want to look like a fool as you approach them. If you try and take your headphones off, you risk getting them all tangled up and looking like a hot mess. But with Skullcandy's tap technology, you can stop the music with the press of a button and drop a smooth line effortlessly.

Not only will your love life improve because of the Grind's technology, but the headphones also look fire. They come in a few different colors and they have a polished, classic look that won't take away from the rest of your getup. It's had to rock some floral shorts when your headphone have a wild pattern. The Skullcandy Grinds allow your outfit to shine and are easy to use. What more do you guys want?

Images: Skullcandy

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