Lace Up My Legos: These Crafty ‘Concords’ are the Latest in Sneaker Art

We’ve seen Filfury’s sneaker art mash-ups and James Visaya’s Transshoeformers; Gwen Murphy makes animals and aliens out of Converse, and Max Berliti once made a cheeseburger sculpture from a pair of Stan Smiths. Sneaker art is nothing new. But from time to time, an artist will create something so dope, using sneakers as their medium, that it's enough to turn the heads of sneakerheads and art aficionados alike. Case in point: these Air Jordan 11 “Concords” constructed entirely with Legos.

Conceived by the gawd and longtime footwear designer Tinker Hatfield, the iconic shoe was released in 1995 and was the first sneaker to utilize patent leather. It was also the first time MJ brought a more formal steez to the court, making the “Concords” one of the most iconic sneakers in Jordan brand history.

The Lego version emulates the sneaker’s original design to a T, staying true to its icy soles and Jumpman branding. The innovator behind the toy shoe is Instagram user @tomyoo23, who hinted there may be Space Jam, Bred, and Legend Blue versions coming in the future. He submitted his sneaker art to Lego Ideas, a company-sponsored page for Lego lovers to share their creations. If an entry gets more than 10,000 votes, it’s likely that the company will produce and sell the design. As of now, the project has over 2,000 views and 100 supporters, so it might not be long before we see these crafty “Concords” in Lego stores worldwide.

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