So Necessary: Theophilus London

Whether you’re stepping into the newest club, chilling on the beach or shredding the backcountry, each occasion calls for specific items. So Necessary is a look at some of our favorite people’s favorite belongings.

Before his Summerstage performance in Prospect Park, we linked up with Brooklynite Theophilus London where he gave us a rundown of what items are must-haves for him during sound check.

Photos By Brad Clarke

How do you feel about performing at Summerstage?
I’m feeling really good about performing at Prospect Park tonight, which I’ve never done before. I spent a lot of summers here since I was 10. I used to live right across the street, so I learned how to fight in the park, made out with my first girlfriend here, I got robbed in the park – the Park was legendary then and still is. To play here tonight is really big for me and my Trinidadian family. They still live close to here since there are a lot of caribbean people on Parkside Avenue.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?
I did the Hamptons last night and I’m doing Soho House tomorrow, so I scheduled this Brooklyn concert in between to have a little goodbye to New York City. I recently got a house in Palm Springs and shipped all my studio gear there, so I’m going to go there to retreat and finish my album.

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