So This Is the World’s First Flying Car?

This isn’t exactly the flying car we had in mind, but we’ll take it.

A few years ago, Dutch engineer Throstin Crijns set out on a mission to invent a quadcopter that could lift and transport humans. Now, he’s unveiling his “autonomous human transport project,” a bulky prototype for what looks to be the first flying car.

According to the logic he lays out on his blog, the machine should be able to lift up to 243 pounds, or two smallish-sized adults. He doesn’t note how high the machine can hover, but judging by the test video, it looks to be a few feet. It comes equipped with 16 motors and propellors and is constructed from lightweight metals.

We’re not sure where the innovator plans to take this technology, or what exactly could be done with this, but we’re hoping it results in some sort of epic flying robot battle.

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