This Sonic Bed Surrounds You with Music While You Sleep

If you already have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, be glad this next-level bed is not available in stores.

Spawned by English designer and composer Kaffe Matthews, this king-sized “sonic bed” with embedded speakers and six subwoofers takes your music listening experience to entirely new heights.

Not only can it play your own tunes, but it also comes equipped with a 12-channel sound system hidden under the mattress and side panels. This means that the bed is also an instrument, and can be played by anyone who lies and moves around in it. The bed requires 220 volts of energy and totally drapes you in sound, traveling through every inch of your body.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we common folk won’t be able to catch Zs to the latest Lana record any time soon, as there are currently no plans to bring the sonic bed into the retail market. The Sonic Bed is part of the Worldwide Bed Project, a research initiative created by Matthews to explore the human perception of sound.

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