10 Musician Biopics That Would Be Cool To Watch

When news broke that André 3000 would be playing funk legend Jimi Hendrix in a biopic, we immediately saw it as a perfect fit. Not only does Three Stacks relate to Hendrix from a musical perspective, but the two artists also have similarities in looks, style and icon status within their respective generations. The film, All Is By My Side, depicts Hendrix’s life from his days as a New York City backing musician leading up to his performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. As the music world prepares to critique André 3000’s theatrical portrayal of the psychedelic icon, we couldn’t help but think of a few other music legends that we’d love to see reborn on the big screen.

These musicians parted ways with us having untold stories of California love, redemption songs, four page letters, and all the things that made us fall in love with their music. It’s definitely time the new generation got exposed to the greats that inspired their idols, broke records, and left lasting legacies beyond their chart-topping hits. Hopefully we get to see these 10 biopics in the near future.

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