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Awaken The Force With The 50 Best "Star Wars" Fan Art Illustrations

I'm not going to lie — finding the best Star Wars fan art is extremely difficult. On my quest to find the most creative offerings inspired by the cult phenomenon, I've come to realize that George Lucas' historic franchise has inspired people not just in America, but people of all kinds from all around the world. Its global pop-culture influence has spawned recreations of its hairstyles, wardrobe (even Yeezy Season 2 may have gotten a taste of the movie magic), language, and merchandise, allowing us all to unite in our obsession over the Force for almost four decades.

A series of that magnitude deserves endless praise and pages of creative expression in its honor, but sitting here viewing art until the latest installment's TV release is no fun. Thus, I've picked 50 of the best illustrated art pieces showing love to Star Wars' greatness, and that's only scratching the surface of what's out there. Explore the vibes and feel inspired before you witness history continue with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. May the force be with you.

Image: Jeremy Doroshow

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