Starter NCAA Headwear: Wear it Like Your Dad’s Originals

Eighties and ’90s apparel isn't dying off anytime soon, guys and gals. The Starter NCAA Headwear Collection, which features NCAA branded items donning the mascots of over 200 colleges and universities nationwide, will soft launch this month under Starter Black Label, distributed by G-III sports.

“School spirit is infectious and most importantly synonymous with the Starter brand,” says Carl Banks, President of G-III Sports. “We are the ultimate expression of team and community pride. We will continue to honor the brand’s heritage, while reaching legions of college sports fans all over the country with a complete line of Starter Black Label NCAA product.”

Starter and the NCAA have a long, storied history. Starter college jackets were some of the hottest items back in the 1980s and ’90s, and they’re still prominent today. The Starter brand is in the middle of a cultural reemergence, working with the world's best sports, fashion and entertainment brands.

Although The NCAA Starter Headwear Collection isn’t recreating the wheel, it will definitely be a huge trend, especially on college campuses. Who wouldn't want to rep their school in the big tournament this month?

The first available items from The Starter NCAA Headwear Collection include Georgetown, Syracuse, Miami Hurricanes, and UNLV snapback hats, which you can purchase for $30-$40 at the best boutiques and streetwear shops across the country. The rest of the line will be made available to the public in the fall, and includes jerseys, jackets, fleece and tees.

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