Stash Gets Up for the Art of Dew

In the latest episode of Art of DEW we join Brooklyn’s own Stash. Check him out as the graffiti vet takes his iconic caps and applies them to a mural inspired by DEW. Peep how he gets up when the sun goes down in the video above.

If you’re not familiar, Stash is a graffiti legend that got his start at the age of 17, when he made his debut alongside some of the art world’s pop art luminaries.

Hailing from Long Island, Stash was an important figure in the graffiti and art scenes of the 1980’s. He made a name for himself early on by exhibiting with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. But while Haring and Basquiat became major names beyond the graffiti world, Stash stayed true to his graffiti roots, living on as a legend in the underground.

Over the years he has shared his skills and credibility through a series of collaborations with more niche companies, better known to the hip-hop and skate worlds like Clarks Wallabee, Gravis, BAPE, and he even designed a special edition shoe with DEW Team Captain P-Rod. He would then go on to establish his own lane on the streetwear highway with the creation of the RECON shop with locations in New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Art of DEW as we take you across the nation, highlighting artists and showcasing work inspired by DEW.

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