Stephen Bliss

Ocean of Mountain Dew

“I imagined there to be a world inside every bottle of MD — an adventure — a huge ocean of Dew with sea creatures. The scene is frozen, on the brink of chaos; the ship is about to be pulled under the ocean and the volcano will erupt. The birds are scattering in anticipation. A different adventure lives in every bottle.”

Stephen Bliss (New York, NY)

Stephen Bliss is based in NYC where he serves as the Senior Artist at Rockstar Games. He is responsible for painting and designing packaging, magazine covers, posters and billboards for the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto series. Over the years, his sublime illustration abilities have been tapped by a range of top brands including Sony, Nintendo, Pepsi, MTV and Burton, as well as GQ, Sunday Times, ID and Time Magazine. STEPHENBLISS.COM

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