Street Artist Logan Hicks Brings His Street Art Back Underground

The cure for Logan Hicks’ insomnia is underground in New York City, where he sometimes rides on the all-night subway network with no particular destination in mind.

As part of the Art-Basel-related festivities in Miami this year, Hicks is showing a series of six anodized aluminium paintings which are the same size and shape as train windows. A self-professed people-watcher, he is drawn to the subways because it is “one of the great places to do it.” The models are friends of his that he asked to ride the train while he shot them from the subway platform.

“People on the subway tend to get lost in their thoughts, and fantasize, and daydream,” he told us. “It’s interesting to watch people let their mind wander. It’s a bit more insulated than above ground, where they are more defensive and on guard.”

Destination Unknown, presented by Lori Zimmer, will be showing at the Scope Art Fair in Miami until December 7.


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