#SupremelineBingo: 10 People You Meet in Line at a Supreme Release

We noticed there are a few lines outside Supreme today for people copping S/S 2015. So, to keep you occupied we’ve got a little game, Supreme Line Bingo. Here are 10 People you’ll meet in line at a Supreme release.

Disclaimer: This was written by someone wearing a Supreme Fall 2014 Track Crewneck.

  1. People’s moms.

Buying stuff ’cause kids are in school. Don’t skip school.

  1. Resellers

Love/hate relationship with these guys. Consider the mark-up their fee for standing in the cold.

  1. People that stand in line for people that stand in line.

…for people that stand in line, for people that stand in line…

  1. Hypebeasts

People who have been standing on line since last night. Or the day before.

  1. Tourists

They just want to know what’s going on.

  1. People who are trying to get out of adjacent stores

Seriously, they just want to get back to the office before lunch hour is over, guys.

  1. Rappers that cut the line

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been standing there, when the SUV rolls up and they jump out six homies deep they’re going straight to the front. That seriously always happens.

  1. The person in head-to-toe Supreme already

That’s cute.

  1. The person that shows up in the current collection

He’s just here to pick up a keychain today.

  1. The Survivalists

Looking ready to scale Everest, these guys come EQUIPPED. Bonus points if they tag their photos #sneakercampouts.

Image: @mpthegod

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