Five Possible Reasons Why Kanye Hasn’t Dropped “SWISH” Yet

With summer coming to an end and no update on SWISH since May, we have to wonder if he will drop at all this year? Here are some likely reasons we are still waiting on a SWISH album release date.

Needs to Clear Some Game-changing Samples

Anyone who listens to enough Kanye knows that he always uses great samples in his music. A well-executed sample can make a song an instant classic, but not clearing a sample can be an expensive and time-consuming headache. After 18 months of legal battles, Kanye finally settled outside of court for a sample used in “Bound 2.” Additionally, he’s been sued in the past for samples used in “Made in America” and “Gold Digger.”

Knowing Kanye, he is probably trying to sample Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and the opening song from Scarface on the same track. If he’s meeting with descendants of German composers to clear samples and close deals, I would not be surprised one bit.

Likelihood: HIGH

Staggering His Release Date with Drake

Rappers, especially rappers who are friends, don’t want to put out competing albums on the exact same date (unless your name is Curtis Jackson). Drake’s Views From The 6 is the next most highly anticipated hip-hop album this fall, rumored to drop on September 24. Ideally, Kanye and Drake will stagger their releases by at least a month, so that each gets their time to dominate the charts and media buzz.

Likelihood: MEDIUM

Building Hype

It’s great to build anticipation with your fanbase, but there’s a fine line between generating a healthy buzz and Detox-ing us. Frank Ocean is dangerously teetering on this line right now. Ocean took to Tumblr in April to say that his album was coming in July. The album has still not been released and his fans are not happy. In Ocean’s defense, it may be out of his control right now, but Ocean’s post on Tumblr still keeps the spotlight on him.

Kanye has put out two singles in advance of SWISH. In 2010, Kanye released three singles in advance of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: “Power,” “Runaway”, and “Monster”. If Kanye releases one more single before SWISH drops and releases the album in late October or early November, he can continue to build momentum and take ownership of the late fall time frame.

Likelihood: HIGH


As frequent Kanye collaborator Mike Dean said recently, “Whenever Kanye says it’s done, it’s done.” “All of the Lights” was a two-year project, which Kanye still listens to and wishes he did some things differently.

It may frustrate Kanye fans that want his music now, but it’s rewarding to know that Kanye puts in the time to make sure that his best stuff is released every time. Even semi-absurd statements, like “the second verse of New Slaves is the best rap verse of all time,” tell us that he believes in everything he releases. Maybe he is listening to it over and over to make sure it’s flawless.

Likelihood: HIGH

He’s tired and needs a nap

Likelihood: VERY HIGH

Image: Megan Moran

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