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SXSW 2015 Through The Lens of Mosaic New York

For as long as I can remember Wilfredo Suarez, of Mosaic New York, has been behind the lens taking some of the most exhilarating photos of some of today’s leading and emerging artists. He’s been an inspiration to my own work and I’ve been a fan of his “in the trenches” style photography for quite some time and I think he’ll garner a few more after this.

While down at SXSW I happened to run into him while trying to meander my way into the illustrious party known as “The Illmore.” The atmosphere outside the venue was pulsating with anyone and everyone trying to get in. There were cool kids, rappers, vixens, and denizens of web culture all playing up their cool points trying to get in. Luckily, with the help of a few trusty business cards and some to-be-fulfilled promises, we were able to finesse our way into the party.

If you weren’t able to head out to Austin for the 2015 festival these images will surely inspire you to make it out there next year. Some of the images you see took place that night, but there’s so much more that you’ll see in the images he’s shared with us—you can also follow along to see what life is like through the lens of Mosaic New York.

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