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The SXSW Photo Gallery to End All SXSW Photo Galleries

Last week during SXSW, seven young photographers, all hailing from spaced out cities around the world, gathered in Austin for a DIY photo gallery that elevated the standard for any and all future art-related exhibitions.

To showcase their most distinctive works, they borrowed a friend’s Airbnb’d apartment and transformed it into a makeshift gallery space, scattering the walls with a handful of prints from each photographer.

There were guest appearances from artists like Michael Christmas, Danny Seth, and Brockhampton, and with an accompanying high-energy DJ set, classifying the affair as “lit” would be an understatement.

Whether it was placesplusfaces grabbing a photo of A$AP Yams just days before his death, or Jake Osmun rolling to Vic Mensa’s studio session with nothing but a disposable camera, the guys all had some crazy stories and perspectives, all documented by compelling snapshots. We caught some time with the creative self-curators during their gallery showing, asking each one about his favorite work he chose to display.

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