No More Silent Headphones With This App, Take Five

There have been at least ten occasions this week where I've had to pause my music player and forgotten to turn it back on. Even when wearing headphones, it's easy to get back to work, only to realize minutes later there's only silence.

Take Five is an app that works with most music players. When you want to pause your music simply set the timer and it will fade your music back in at the chosen time. The interface sits in the corner of your screen, practically undetected, where it counts down the remaining time left. With a headsup display, you get notified when a track changes, allowing you to be on top of which song is playing.

If you are ready to start listening to your music before the timer is done, simply click it and your music will begin playing. Easy to use, and practical for every music listener who never wants worry about sitting in silence.

Price: $3.99
Image: The App Store

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