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He's learning the craft of songwriting, which is impressive for someone just barely old enough to drive, but in many ways makea sense. In our interview, Astro said that he had always been called an "old soul," and there aren't many who embody that label more fully. That almost preternatural maturity is what first drew people to him on X-Factor, and now, at the tender age of 18, he's already had the kind of music industry experience most artists don't acquire until they're 30.

It's also why, despite his best attempts to avoid making Computer Era sound like a retro project, so many people tell him it reminds them of hip-hop's golden era. You can run from your soul but you can't hide. It will come out through the music, and Astro's music sounds steeped in the '90s commitment to skill and quality.

Image: Ben Miller

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