This is Where Lil Mama Got That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jacket: Mr. Throwback Thursday

Mr. Throwback started selling vintage gear in January, 2012. He loved it so much that he wanted to do it full time. Within a year, he had opened his own store in the East Village (at 9th and 1st), and has been there ever since.

This column is where Mr. Throwback goes through his extensive collection and revisits an iconic moment in pop culture reflected through its clothes, shoes, toys, or accessories.

This week he talks about the iconic cartoon series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the business of styling rappers. Share with him your greatest TMNT memories and follow him on Instagram, @mrthrowbacknyc/@mr.tnyc.

In 1987 my life changed for the better. Young Mr. Throwback, aka Michael William Spitz, aged five, was taken to the Greatest Store in the Entire World—Toys "R" Us!

My mom, Ina, made the greatest decision of her life buying me four toys: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.

These originals, with the press-in plastic heads, I still own to this day. They're my favorite toys in the world and I can't believe they are still popular. At the store we try to get our hands on '80s, '90s toys, but for some reason I can't come to sell my own. I guess I have sentimental feeling towards the ones I owned from childhood.

But what's so cool about my job is when items from my past walk into my store. About three months ago, this gentleman walked in with this 1990 Chalk Line Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanimation Jacket. Honestly, it's the dopest jacket I have ever seen. I had to buy it.

I posted it online and got crazy love on it but never sold it. Maybe I was asking too much for it, but it should be that price. Maybe that's the I-don't-want-to-sell-it price. I'm OK with that. This would look amazing on baby "Patrick Ewing Spitz Throwback," my future child's name.

Another cool part about my job is I get called/emails to style artists for their videos. We have worked with A$AP Nast, G4SHI, Dillon Cooper, Joey Bada$$, Fabolous, Teyana Taylor, Miranda Kerr, Noreaga, Kendrick Lamar... The list goes on.
The other day, I got an email from Lil Mama's stylist Harrison T Crite. He mentioned to me that Lil Mama has a new video coming out called "Sausage," and she would like to come in and pull some vintage. They came in and said that they have this unbelievable exotic car that's green and the TMNT jacket popped into my head. She was blown away by it—which everyone is—and had to use it for her video.

The video has 2.8 million views in five days; the jacket has recently been tweeted hundreds of times, and everyone is talking about it.

Too bad it only fits Lil Mama and children everywhere.

I love what I do and I love working with anyone and everybody! If you'd like to rent any of our merchandise just email us.

Heroes in a half-shell! Turtle power!!!

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