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Terrible Fashion Trends We Hope Don't Make a Comeback

The road to getting it right in fashion is a bit of a journey, and it’s definitely okay to slip up a few times along the way. Unfortunately, a lot of us got it wrong for full decades. What was considered fly in the ’70s would only pass on Halloween in current fashion circles. One thing’s for certain, though: we can all admit to following a few played out trends. Let’s just hope that none of them make it back into style. Just the thought of swishy sweatpants and popped collars is enough to bring on chills.

If you do plan on resurrecting some of your parents’ old gear, make sure you’re doing it the right way and avoiding trends that deserve to stay buried. We’re not trying to clown anybody’s style, but it’s probably best you guys listen up if you want to avoid getting clowned at your next social gathering. We’re just here to help you dodge unneeded embarrassment. You’ll definitely thank us later.

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