The 10 Best Snowboard Tricks Of The Year In .Gifs

Remember when a Cab 360 could win you a comp? Or when a six-foot frontside air in a VHS video part made you say "Holy crap"? Yeah, we miss those days because we could actually keep up. Nowadays, Ross Powers's 2002 Olympic gold-medal run is something kids do when they're learning how to snowboard. The 1440 is becoming standard. Grabs are getting held longer. One-footers are popping up everywhere. Anything other than progression, and it just wouldn't be snowboarding.

And the 2013 snowboard season brought it on full force, from Torstein Horgmo's practice runs to a crazy wall ride by Pat Moore to the YOLO Flip. With the season coming to an end, it seemed like a good time to put together our list of the 10 best snowboard tricks of the season.

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