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Dr. Chase Meridian - Girlfriend of Bruce Wayne/Batman

Dr. Chase Meridian is a psychologist, specializing in multiple personality disorders, working with the Gotham City police. Like many other female characters in the Batman universe like Rachel Dawes and Harley Quinn, Dr. Chase Meridian was created outside of the comics. She also draws further similarities to Harley Quinn, as both are psychologists who fall in love with people who are clearly mentally ill. Meridian is highly intelligent and shamelessly seductive — she uses the Batsignal in an attempt to lure and seduce Batman. This was before you could just poke someone on Facebook.

Coolest Version of the Character:
The film version of the character is actually the only version of the character. She was created specifically for Batman Forever. She was originally supposed to be played by Rene Russo, but when Michael Keaton dropped out of the film and was replaced by Val Kilmer, the filmmakers decided to cast the role younger, opting for Nicole Kidman.

Version You Might Not Want to Date:
Since there is only one version of the character, you either want to date her or not, but come on! It’s Nicole Kidman in her prime. You know, when she had “just the ‘right’ amount” of plastic surgery.

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