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Vicki Vale - Girlfriend of Bruce Wayne/Batman

First Appearance: Batman #49 (October/November 1948)
Vicki Vale was first introduced in 1948, and draws many parallels to Superman’s main squeeze, Lois Lane. She’s a reporter, is attracted to the hero as well as his alter ego, and suspects and eventually surmises that they are one in the same person. It is said that artist Bob Kane modeled Vicki Vale after Norma Jeane Mortensen, a young model who would later be known as Marilyn Monroe.

Coolest Version of the Character:
In Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, Kim Basinger played Vale, an award-winning photojournalist who comes to work for the Gotham Globe. Vale is so entrancing in this film that even The Joker becomes obsessed with her. In one part of the film when the two characters interact, Vale says, “You're insane!" to Joker, who replies, “I thought I was a Pisces!"

Version You Might Not Want to Date:
Practically every version of this character uses her investigative skills to deduce that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Perhaps all this “snooping” is why it never works out between Bruce and Vicki in the end. It’s either that or because Bruce is a straight-up crazy person who spends his nights dressed as a bat and uses his bare hands to dish out vigilante justice.

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