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The 10 Most Iconic Skate Spots That No Longer Exist

Some of skateboarding’s most legendary spots are famously flawed. They’re a challenge. Rough pavement, inconvenient cracks, sketchy run ups, and odd angles. It might not all translate on video or in a photo, but your perspective changes the moment you’re there in person. Legs twitching, adrenaline pumping, swept up by the excitement alone of skating an storied spot.

The greatest spots are also unpredictable. The bust factor, getting vibed by locals, or showing up only to see the spot knobbed and capped. A year, month, or decades? You can never predict how long it will last or remain skate able and that just ups the urgency. New York City spots can be gone in a week, while a perfect Southern California ditch remains forever a part of the landscape. And there’s always the risk of getting stuffed and cuffed or ticketed for trespassing or some other violation. Don’t like it? There’s plenty of sterile prefab parks where erratic kids on scooters are the biggest threat.

Here’s ten of the best. Spots that could launch and end careers and define eras in skateboarding.

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