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The 10 types of people you meet at Coachella

In 1969 a few friends cooked up the idea of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair and changed the way people see live music forever. A lot of mud, Richie Havens, and 500,000 kids went on to mainstream the hippies, create rock legends, and spawn a worldwide festival boom. In the 30 odd years that followed, the American festival scene consisted of a Hells Angels’ stabbing, a boom in nipple rings, and the unholy proliferation of Tori Amos and Perry Farrell. Meanwhile a farm in Glastonbury, England was putting on legendary muddy campouts, Japan was rocking at Mt. Fuji, and Sonar was coming together in Spain.
In 1999, America reemerged on the festival scene with The Coachella Valley Arts & Music festival. This was the first time a tasteful lineup at an inspiring location had been offered to the public in decades. Located in a desert valley on the outskirts of Indio, California, Coachella has always managed to showcase emerging talents, indie legends, and a smattering of pop star appeal. Tickets for what is generally considered the “coolest" big U.S. festival are sold out six months in advance, and the festival has now spread to two weekends.
With thousands of people in attendance, it can be difficult to know who’s worth hanging out with (and who will hang out with you). So we put together this handy guide describing the 10 types of people you’ll see at Coachella. With this guide, plus some sunblock and water, you’re guaranteed to have a successful festival-going experience.

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