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The 15 Best Grand Theft Auto Soundtracks

Grand Theft Auto’s localities have gone through a slew of changes over the course of the game’s history from the vibrant and scintillating streets of Vice City in the ‘80s to the corrupt sprawls of San Andreas in the early ‘90s. From there, gamers were catapulted to the callous blacktops of Liberty City to now, when we bask at the most cosmopolitan malls of Los Santos where residents nod their heads to Wu Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” as an aphorism to live by.

Moving in step with the game’s advancement has been Grand Theft Auto’s choice of music. The music curators of the franchise have continually proved that they have an innate ability to reflect the game’s charm with some of the most of-the-moment soundtracks around. As an ode to one of the greatest video game franchises to hit retail shelves — the latest installment making more than $800 million on its opening day of release — here are 15 of the most definitive hip-hop soundtracks from Grand Theft Auto’s extensive musical catalogue, from Vice City to Los Santos.

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