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The 15 Best New York Hip-Hop Anthems Ever

Although it’s rarely evident or prevalent these days, New York once set the pace for hip-hop culture. Having gone through a number of phases and changes, the city’s most popular forms of music have ranged from conscious to materialistic and hardcore, all different facets of the human experience. From its infancy in the Bronx to sacrificing its identity to embrace what other regions had to offer, the conversation always returns to the Big Apple being the center of focus.

While subject to consistent backlash over the years, the impact of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, aka Diddy, can never be denied. His flossy movement ruffled feathers, but it had to be embraced by even serious emcees such as Jay Z and Nas for them to survive. Refusing to ever break or budge, the Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy thrived with pure hearted intentions behind their imagery and messages. No matter what your preferred rap style is, here are 15 anthems to paint a full picture of New York’s hip-hop glory days.

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