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The 15 Coolest Wheat-Colored Sneakers of All Time

With the fall season finally making a slightly unwelcomed return, it’s time for all of us to just deal with it and get back into an autumn state of mind. The season does have its perks though, especially when you realize that it’s perfectly fine to break out those Timberland boots again. However, for those who love the hay-colored nubuck exterior, but hate the excess weight, staying on top of your wheat steez can get a little difficult. Thankfully, the “Wheat” Nike Air Foamposite One is dropping very soon (October 18), giving you a lighter alternative to stomp around in. Before those drop, though, take a look at 15 other wheat-colored sneakers that might give those Timbs in your closet a run for their money. Actually, you might even own a few of these bad boys already.

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