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The 15 Greatest Viral Hip-Hop Sensations Ever

A key aspect of the hip-hop business is the process of an artist going viral. Once you have an act that people can't stop discussing, the opportunities for touring and merchandising revenue increase, not to mention corporate sponsorships. The biggest part of viral success tends to be Internet popularity, with YouTube in particular contributing to this phenomenon. Overall, reaching this level can mean long term visibility even if your career is based on a single hit.

Looking back, hip-hop’s viral sensations have been loved, shunned, debated, and examined to no end. MF DOOM fit a niche audience who understood his witty references while Trinidad James was more suited for party animals engaged in the fast life. Chief Keef also brought his city’s harsh epidemic to America’s doorsteps and people simply couldn’t stop watching his show. Coming from all walks of life with different stories to tell, here are 15 viral hip-hop sensations.

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