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The 20 Dos and Don'ts of Being A Sneakerhead

Sneaker culture has become one of the most powerful movements in the new age of style. It defies age, race, gender, region, and any other barrier you can probably think of. As a whole, it would seem like everyone is crazy over kicks, but not everyone can claim the sneakerhead title. Not saying that it’s a super exclusive club — if you love sneakers, you’re basically down — but there are specific qualities that separate the real sneaker connoisseurs from the rest of the bunch.

Take a step into that next level of sneaker wisdom, or simply just get started in understanding the culture, with 20 helpful hints that will brush up your sole skills. Follow these rules and you’ll be stomping through the sneaker world with respect in no time. From reselling to recycling, we’re saving you from committing mistakes that generations of sole collectors have made time and time again.

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